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Basic Care Sheet for Baby Prairie Dogs




During the first six months, a baby prairie dog needs good nutrition, a warm and safe enclosure, and lots of love. 

A bonding bag made of thick fleece about 20” x 18” works well for gentling while providing a safe, warm place to hide from the scary world in your arms.


Ideal Diet:

* Unlimited grass, dandelions and clover, (in season), orchard grass or timothy hay (or hay sold for horses locally if available) *NO ALFALFA


Supplemental feed: (Daily)

- 1/2 c Oxbow timothy pellets mixed with 1 tablespoon Quaker Old Fashioned oats

- 1/4 c Healthy Handfuls (Oxbow) (timothy, oats and barley)

-  1 vegetarian lab (rodent) block

* Provide a bottle of fresh water daily


Choice of treats:  (offer one treat per day)

1 raw almond or pecan

1 tsp: plain sunflower seeds (not roasted or salted)

1 tsp plain cheerios

raw green bean or snow pea or carrot or FRESH corn on the cob (never dried corn),

or slice of sweet potato

bean or lentil or edamame


It is imperative that baby prairie dogs are kept warm. A snuggle safe (heat disc) works well.

I recommend baby receiving blankets and a (polar fleece covered) snuggle safe underneath them for warmth. 

PLEASE keep little paws far away from any electrical devices or outlets!!


Keep cage clean (vinegar & water solution) and use newspaper instead of wood shavings on floor. 

A ferret/rabbit litter box may be used with a small amount of aspen shavings.   



Never use chinchilla dust for baths.  PDs have sensitive respiratory tracts.  They do not need baths. 

Use warm water and a wash cloth if necessary, or unscented baby wipes.



A snuggle safe is a round disk filled with candle wax that is warmed in a microwave

and placed underneath a bed full of baby receiving blankets to keep the little one warm.





A good start to a baby PD's diet includes the following supplemental formula:


Syringe feed 10 ccs of the following mixture three times a day [warmed]

and from 4 months of age until 6 months of age, cut back to 15 ccs once a day.



goats milk

baby food - corn & sweet potatoes or peas

Oxbow apple/banana flavored Critical Care (storing CC in freezer will keep it indefinitely)

1 tablespoon of CC to one jar of baby food

(pureed grass may be added)

Store unused formula mixture in refrigerator







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