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Snuggle SafeTM Heating Pad

SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad          Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad

This is a MUST HAVE for prairie dogs!!

Note:  Prices may change without notice - search on google or and compare prices.


Below are a couple of links to the best prices I could find as of 5/12/008:



Water Bottle

Genuine Lixit water bottle provides fresh, clean water which is necessary for good health and long life.


Medium Lixit        16 oz.      $4.00       WB-16
 Large Lixit            32 oz.      $5.50       WB-32


Nest Boxes


Nest Boxes

Solid Steel Nest Box



Our solid box is constructed of 28 gauge galvanized steel with riveted seams and a 3/8" plywood floor for warmth. It has a semi-open top for proper ventilation. The box itself will last many years and can be torched or steamed for disinfection.

No. NB1 - 22"L x 14"W x 11"H . ---$ 17.95

Nest Box NB1          Price: $17.95 



Made of sturdy galvanized 24 gauge steel construction, with replaceable wooden floors.

Giant Nest Box - 22" x 14" x 12"      $28.75   NB-4